Police arrested a woman who allegedly killed her friend and cut her into small pieces

The Royal Gendarmerie of Phnom Penh said last night it had detained a woman suspected of killing her friend and was cut off. Many of the dead bodies were dumped at the riverfront. On the Phnom Penh Gendarmerie's Facebook page, today wrote that He detained himself after receiving notice of his arrest Woman's body on June 3, 2019, while her daughter tries to find the naked eye. The Royal Gendarmerie is a murderer And the killer is a woman, a friend of the victim. The same source writes: "The case above is a murder case where a murderer is a friend of a victim who has been detained by a police officer. Since last night. The murderer killed the brutal victim by cutting the knife into pieces (cut off his arms, cut off his leg, cut off the ribs, ruptured the ribs, take the meat) Black Cocktail Once Thrown to the Threshold on the River Sisavet River. "The victim, Kim Yana, 40 years old, The Kandal Market, Phnom Penh, is the cause of the assassination The authorities have not yet penetrated.

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