All ANZ Royal Bank branches will be renamed JTrust Royal Bank from August onward

ANZ Royal is one of the oldest banks in Cambodia. After the sale of all Cambodian shares to Japanese companies in the near future, ANZ Royal Bank will rebrand its name to JTrust Royal Bank from August this year. According to Japanese bank Jtrust Royal's announcement, the new Japanese bank has formally entered into an official agreement to acquire ANP Royal Bank's 55 percent stake in Australia's ANZ Group since May 2018. With more than 41,000 shares equal to more than $ 82 million.

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After more than one year of stock acquisition and will be renamed in August, Japanese firm JTrust will change its strategy to bring ANZ Royal Bank, which has been a non-bank lender to Cambodian companies. Become a bank that provides loans, loans or credits to a Cambodian company. According to Jibu Bank Chief Executive Officer, Noah Boong Yongchichijawa. The Japan Bank JTrust was founded in 1977, focusing primarily on financial services and operating in South Korea, Indonesia, Mongolia and Singapore.

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