Question: Most sex women want to know but dare ask

Everyone has a special secret. Sex is not easy for anyone to know. Most women have no doubts He was so embarrassed. If you are ashamed to ask yourself, most of the women most wanting to know is "Hello doctor" as the answer.

1- What to do if the male penis is too big or too small?

Sexual Problems Are Not A Shame We Are Ashamed The same is true because it helps us to solve the problem. . If the boy had too small penis, he would not be able to make a lot of hot women during his sexual intercourse, perhaps with other abilities. Can women be surprised as well. Men tend to have strong points in hand or mouth skills, so this happens if both use reversal Each. We may need to use a lot of lubricant and act slowly, or the girl can try on top because it is possible to set the speed Customize the needs of the senses we want.

What is the difference between the male and the male?

Women need stimulation during oral sex. So the main thing is to be straightforward to the partner what we like or point to the location and the location or from The speed we want. Then we can express the feeling of satisfaction that makes our partners enjoy this activity and some fun.

3- Why Sex Does not Get to the Top? How to do?

This is a frequent occurrence for most women, so it is normal to find just one point For both sides, this is possible. Many women can not reach the point where there is only one vaginal sex To do this, you need to find Clitoris, either directly or indirectly, on your own. If this is not the case, some chronic health problems may affect the most feminine spots or women's desires. Like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression, or depression.

4. Bloating or pain during sex wrong?

Women who bleed after sex should date a doctor because they may be signs of infection or tumors. In endometriosis. The problem can also be related to a Pap test.

5. Do you have a bowel movement during sexual intercourse?

While having sex, if it feels like urinating is too urgent, and if it's true, this is a good sign. According to Emily Morse, Sex Entertainment with Emily in the US, sex affects the G-spot. ) And girls are reaching the top. The urine during sexual intercourse, especially when the bladder is full may occur in conjunctivitis. Come to the top.

6-What is a water spray during sex?

As we mentioned above, water spraying refers to when women release fluid from the vagina. This fluid is related to the stimulation of the G-spot. What's remarkable is that it's not a urine, though many people think of urine. "The fluid is actually similar to the male sex hormones," Morse said. However, firing during sex does not affect every woman.

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