Have a baby and then a few months before birth?

After giving birth, there are definitely women, we do not want children more quickly because we want to have healthy, time-consuming. Enough to take good care of a baby or to work. Do not want to have babies accidentally have only a way to protect them. After delivery, when can you use birth control?

The obstetrician and obstetrician at the National Maternal and Child Health Center, Oum Muny Rasmey, indicated that after 1 and a half months of delivery, Because the health and uterus heals, he is back to normal. "A half months after the birth of Aun, doctors require mom to come for a postoperative medical exam. Your doctor will recommend preventing birth defects and preventing too many pregnancies or having unwanted pregnancies. "

Some women think that if there is no bleeding period, it is not necessary to postpone birth Yes, because after childbirth, the menstrual period is faster or more dependent on breastfeeding, the more breastfeeding Prolonged and frequent menstruation. Whether or not men have bloody menstrual periods, postnatal sex may have children all the time, and women need protection. .

For moms who are breastfeeding and want to have a contraceptive pill, the doctor will recommend any non-contraceptive drugs. Affects the child's health - whether contraceptive pills or other contraceptive methods before use, must be consulted Obstetricians or gynecologists.

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