Having sex everyday can be a great way to help keep you from getting all these diseases

Sex is an integral part of spousal life. The problem is that you want to, but you do not want to. Well, that's the tree. But do not worry, this is not just about your family, but through many studies, if you can try to have sex every day, you may be dealing with the following:

  1. Breast Cancer: During sex, breast stimulation helps women release hormone oxytocin for the prevention of breast cancer.
  2. Prostate Cancer: According to reports, regular sex can help people with prostate cancer.
  3. Water-solving problems: Sex will strengthen the urinary system and avoid a large number of urinary tract infections. Regular sex can enhance the pelvic floor and unconscious palate.
  4. Help overcome depression: Depression is not good for human feelings. Regular sex increases self-esteem and depression, and it also helps to cure many other diseases.
  5. Helps relax your muscles: If you are having sex every day, you'll be able to regain muscle tightness because of too much work.
  6. Colds and viral infections: According to doctors, antibiotic production will be done during orgasm during sex, so it also plays a major role in killing the virus.
  7. Headache: Sex can cure headaches during sex as it releases hormone oxytocin and increases the number of endorphins to help naturally feel.
  8. For heart function: Sex enhances heart function and reduces the risk of heart attack and heart problems.
  9. Skin problems: The body will release too many toxins while sweating and this is the same as sweating during sex. This sweat is a good way to release toxins from the body.
  10. Insomnia: Sex will help release hormones, stimulate mood and help relieve the symptoms of insomnia. All the stresses will improve during sex, so you will also be able to sleep more easily.
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