10 types of diseases that can be cured by frequent sex

Many people have heard about the benefits of love breeding, but do you know that you can have multiple treatments? Having sex often. Today, you will learn about 10 diseases that can be cured by this mission.

1. Heart disease

Frequent sex will help improve your heart function. According to experts, it reduces the risk of heart attack and other cardiac problems.

2. Headache

The most effective sexually relieves headache because it releases hormone oxytocin and increases the enzyme. These hormones facilitate body and mood relief.

3. Tension

Increase your self-confidence because the story of the bed is really good, it can ease your mood.

4. Sleep Disorders

When you have sex to the top, anxiety will be released and your sleep will be deep.

5. Nausea

Normal sex helps fight side-effects because it strengthens the pelvic floor and inhibits pants.

6. Flu

Believe it or not, it is also effective for treating colds. If the flu is good, it is a good thing to breed chickens as it is a natural remedy. Prosperity. This is because of the insulin production in good health.

7. Muscle pain

If you want to relieve muscle pain together, the solution is because it's a great exercise to cure muscle aches and joint pain.

8. Shiny skin

Going up with the couple also makes your skin smooth and smooth because it releases toxins that affect the skin's appearance.

9. The prostate

It also reduces the risk of prostate cancer. It is a protective barrier against tumors.

10. Breast Cancer

It is a protective shield against breast cancer similar to prostate. Breast stimulation will cause women to release hormone oxytocin, which helps prevent cancer.

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