The wedding day for Ok Sokun Kanha is beautiful, but the makeup and hair are also unusual

You must have known that for the wedding of famous singer Ok Sokun Kanha with his brother, owner of Hang Meas Production, there is a lot of refinement, whether or not the beauty of the Bridegroom forum The reception area, the flower arrangement, the dining table and the cuisine, as all the distinguished guests are very high. Selected service providers to do hair and makeup and the same rigorous.

On the special day, Sokun Kanha's face is seen beautiful and elaborate, all manner of simple, unobtrusive and does not spend time doing Longer, that's a makeup and haircut two experts, each of which is handsome, nonsense. The first is Lam Samnang, who is the face of the bride. The second person behind Sokun Kanha's beauty on a special day is Mr. Kep ​​Piseth, who is a hairdresser in the bridal show.

All those two are more experienced and have experience from outside the country.

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