Huawei will integrate HongMeng OS with Mate 30

The US-China trade war has been tense since Google was forced to close its deal with China. Chinese giant Huawei. All of Huawei's smartphones are losing the support of the next version of the Android version.

About Huawei's solution is reportedly going to use the HongMeng OS operating system developed by its own company instead of using it. Android system in terms that can not be coordinated with the US government. The HongMeng OS is expected to officially launch Huawei Mate 30, which is expected to launch in the near future, according to a report. The year 2019 goes on.

Huawei Central for HongMeng OS development has been in operation since 2012, the post-ready way to resolve. Such a problem, and if the negotiations between Hauwei and Google have not been successful, everything will be decided by the Chinese company. Planned.

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